Eyemèr is an indie singer-songwriter whose work is influenced by artists such as Soko,  Daughter, Bon Iver and Waxahatchee. Arlo Devreese’s fragile, raw voice and dark lo-fi sound have become their trademark. 

In 2014 Eyemèr (back then still using their own name) reached the finals of Belgium’s greatest competition for musicians: Humo’s Rock Rally. In March 2016 their debut album ‘Temporarily Colourblind’ came out. ‘Losing Faith’, the fourth track from the album, got airplay on Radio 1 for a little while and ‘Promise’, the first single, was shown on the Television Program ‘Fans Of Flanders’. In 2016 and 2017 Eyemèr was the support act of well-known Belgian bands such as Marble Sounds, Isbells, Chantal Acda and Mad About Mountains.

Almost 4 years after the release of their debut album ‘Temporarily Colourblind’, Eyemèr came back with an EP called ‘Good Mourning To You’. On this record, Arlo dared to be open about their non-binary gender identity and queer sexuality for the first time. ‘Bird, You Can Fly’ was played by Ayco Duyster on Radio 1 and the single ‘On My Own’ got airplay on Radio 1 as well.

11.02.2022 Eyemèr returned with a 3rd EP called ‘Transition Town’, which talks about their physical and mental transition as a non-binary person. The album got coverage in Het Nieuwsblad and Flair. One of the tracks on the EP, ‘Reborn’, was played on Radio 1. This track features American musician and trans activist Ryan Cassata – an important voice within the trans community.

2023 will be the year Eyemèr focuses on releasing singles. Their first upcoming single ‘Dear Child In Me’ is set to be released on 28.04.2023 and is an open letter to their inner child. In May 2023 the single will be played on the Belgian TV program Iedereen Beroemd, in a talk about Eyemèrs childhood memories and growing up transgender.